Presentations on Review of Literature on Living Options for People with Intellectual Disabilities

View the presentations which were made at the Residential Weekend Friday 10th July.  These presentations review the literature on Living Options for people with intellectual disability. 


Ian Grey presentation Ian Grey - Choice & Empowerment 




Mark Staunton pres Mark Staunton - Barriers to Social Inclusion (Easy to Read)




Noelin fox pres Noelin Fox - Contested Housing Landscapes Social Inclusion Deinstitutionalization and Housing Policy in Australia.




Alison pres Alison Harnett - The Features of Short-Break Residential Services valued by Families who have Children with Multiple Disabilities & The Barriers to Social Inclusion as perceived by People with Intellectual Disabilities.




John doyle pres John Doyle - Supported Living: A New Paradigm & The Choice between a Real Home and a Programme & Aggression Sociability and Roommate Friendship: New Findings Translated into a Resource for Self-Determined Choices




Claire McGuinness Claire McGuinness - Fair Shares? Supporting Families caring for Adult Persons with Intellectual Disabilities 




Martin O Connor pres Martin O'Connor - Making a good life in the community - Bridge and Bonding Relationships




Bernie Fay pres Bernie Fay - Family Placement Schemes for Adults Persons with Intellectual Disabilities living with Elderly Carers




the right living space Michael Browne - The Right Living Space




Edel Tierney - 






Eamonn Teague Eamonn Teague - Supporting Persons with Intellectual Disability and Advanced Dementia   



Brian McClean - Literature review of the costs of institutional, grBrian McClean Presoup home and supported living services.




Francis Francis Coughlan - Deinstitutionalisations & Community Living 



1 Paul Henry Presentation Paul Henry - A Life Like Any Other?




Karina Wallis presentation Karina Wallis - A Life Like Any Other?




Tim O ConnellTim O'Connell - Transitions to Socialll Inclusive Living Action Research

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